Looking for Miss Sargam: Stories of Music and Misadventure
by Shubha Mudgal

‘Set in the heart of the world of Indian music, these are stories with a rhythm entirely their own. They speak of hope and disaster, genius and fakery in surprising ways. And they are wickedly funny.’—JERRY PINTO

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The Kargil Victory: Battles from Peak to Peak
by Colonel S.C. Tyagi

A comprehensive and accessible battle-by-battle account of the Kargil war by an Army officer who witnessed it.

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Tibet With My Eyes Closed: Stories
by Madhu Gurung

‘A collection of vivid and deeply emotional stories... [that] deals with issues of identity and belonging, allowing one to experience the hope, pain, and remarkable perseverance of a people and region that are at risk of being forgotten.’ —Shashi Tharoor

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Paper Lions: A Novel
by Sohan S. Koonar

An epic generational saga of Punjab

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The Last Dance: A Novel
by Anmol Arora

‘Compelling and unexpected… The shifting first-person narratives and the cultural transpositions help tell a story that is so much larger than the rarefied milieu of classical dance.’ —Justin McCarthy, Bharatnatyam dancer and choreographer

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Rabindranath Tagore
by Bashabi Fraser
Publisher: Reaktion Books
‘Comprehensive in its coverage of the multi-faceted genius of Rabindranath Tagore, insightful and clearly written, this is a succinct critical biography of a man who transcended all sorts of borders and traversed continents in his lifetime. Bashabi Fraser presents Tagore’s life and works with sympathy and care, tracing the different strands that came together in him, and giving us ample reasons to value his contribution to the world he lived in.’—Fakrul Alam, East West University, Dhaka, and co-editor of The Essential Tagore

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The Doctor and Mrs A.: Ethics and Counter-Ethics in an Indian Dream Analysis
by Sarah Pinto
Publisher: Women Unlimited

‘A multilayered and intelligent work.’— Alok Sarin, psychiatrist

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The Rise of the Midnight King: Book 1 in the Kumaon Secret Society Series
by Olivier Lafont

In the shadow of the Himalayas, a fantastic saga has begun. With flying gods, exotic animals and a curious bunch of children who refuse to be defeated…

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The Tenth Son
by Ayan and Ashish Malpani

Ten-year-old Advik comes from the US to India, and what is meant to be a quiet visit is about to jolt him! Did he ever imagine that Narada, the celestial messenger, would pay him a visit in the dead of night to ask for help on behalf of the gods?

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Ammama’s Sari
Written and illustrated by Niveditha Subramaniam

‘Ammama’s Sari was inspired by memories of my grandmother, for whom upcycling was a natural part of the fabric of life,’ says Niveditha. Through the arresting collage-visuals of this wordless picture book, we see how a sari goes on to become different things—from a curtain to a baby carrier to a cat’s plaything—but always remains a quiet part of shared everyday experiences.

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The Runaway Peacock
by Niyatee Sharma (Illustrated by Shailja Jain Chougule)

Trisha is counting the number of beautiful peacocks on her mother’s saree when one curious peacock jumps off to explore the world. Trisha follows on his tail! And what we get is a high-speed chase through a bustling market, onto an umbrella, onto a tree... and find out where else! Detailed pictures create vibrant scenarios where children will have fun spotting the perky peacock.

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She Stoops to Kill: Stories of Crime and Passion
edited by Preeti Gill

Shraddha took a sip from the glass in front of her. Nosepin flashing, she gestured to the student to fill in the gap with her music. Obediently, the woman at the back leaned forward again, and began to sing. She seemed not to mind the snub that her Guru had given her earlier. Or maybe, thought Prabeena, if you were a student, you couldn’t afford to be sensitive to a Guru’s snubs, not while on stage, anyway. Prabeena realized she was smiling as she watched Shraddha Devi adjust her pallu once again, and then stroke back a tendril that was wisping enticingly down the side of her face.
. . .
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