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Books of the Month: August 2018

The Rise and Fall of the Emerald Tigers
Ten Years of Research in Panna National Park

‘This book is a must-read for everything you ever wanted to know about wild tigers in India.’—Valmik Thapar

ISBN: 9789386582652 | Price: INR 899
eBook ISBN:  9789386582669

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A Little Book of Courage
Ruskin Bond

ISBN: 9789388070065
Price: INR 299
eBook ISBN: 9789388070072

Translated by Vibha Chauhan and Khalid Alvi

ISBN: 9789388070256
Price: INR 499
eBook ISBN: 9789388070270

Strike a Blow to Change the World
Eknath Awad (Translated by Jerry Pinto)

ISBN: 9789387693913
Price: INR 399
eBook ISBN: 9789388070003

Looking for the Nation
Manash Firaq Bhattacharjee

ISBN: 9789387693951
Price: INR 350
eBook ISBN: 9789388070027

A Spy in Time
Imraan Coovadia

ISBN: 9789388070263
Price: INR 399
eBook ISBN: 9789388070287

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N  E  W  T  I  T  L  E  S

Hostage: Inspired by the True Story of Nepali Migrants
Greta Rana

ISBN: 9789388070195
Price: INR 350
eBook ISBN: 9789388070201

A Naga Odyssey: My Long Way Home
Visier Meyasetsu Sanyü with Richard Broome (Foreword by Rajmohan Gandhi)

ISBN: 9789388070133
Price: INR 499
eBook ISBN: 9789388070157

Jwala Kumar and the Gift of Fire
Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar (Illustrated by Krishna Bala Shenoi)

ISBN: 9789387693975
Price: INR 299
eBook ISBN: 9789388070041


Right Arm Over
Moti Nandy (Translated by Arunava Sinha)

ISBN: 9789388070294
Price: INR 250
eBook ISBN: 9789388070300

Back in Stock with New Cover

I Want to Destroy Myself
Malika Amar Shaikh (translated by Jerry Pinto)

ISBN: 9789386050960
Price: INR 499
eBook ISBN: 9789386050984

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Breakout at Stalingrad
Heinrich Gerlach (Translated by Dr Peter Lewis)

ISBN: 9781786690630
Price: INR 499

Scourge of Wolves
David Gilman

ISBN: 9781784974527
Price: INR 499

Light It Up
Nick Petrie

ISBN: 9781788542531
Price: INR 499

The MEG: Megalodon
Steve Alten

ISBN: 9781786695741
Price: INR 499

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The Distance
Zoë Folbigg

ISBN: 9781788547147
Price: INR 499

Three-and-a-half Heartbeats
Amanda Prowse

ISBN: 9781788546973
Price: INR 499

Last of the Summer Moët: A Laura Lake Novel
Wendy Holden

ISBN: 9781784977603
Price: INR 499

The End of Online Shopping
Wijnand Jongen

ISBN: 9789813274761
Price: INR 599

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Drawing Anatomy
Barrington Barber

ISBN: 9781788284783
Price: INR 550

Drawing Figures
Barrington Barber

ISBN: 9781788284806
Price: INR 550

Little Women
Louisa May Alcott

ISBN: 9781788286855
Price: INR 250

Oliver Twist
Charles Dickens

ISBN: 9781788286862
Price: INR 250

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Minipedia! 500 Fantastic Facts About Science
Dan Green

ISBN: 9781784287979
Price: INR 499

Brain Benders: Brain Teasers

ISBN: 9781788280617
Price: INR 250

Can’t Stop Cody!
Abhay Prasad and Nanditta Chhiber

ISBN: 9789350469910
Price: INR 195

The Jungle Storytelling Festival
Janaki Sabesh (Illustrated by Debosmita Mazumdar)

ISBN: 9789386667168
Price: INR 195

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