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Books of the Month: May 2017

Lone Fox Dancing: My Autobiography

Ruskin Bond

ISBN: 9789386338907 | Hardcover | Price: INR 599

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Over sixty years, for numerous readers—of all ages; in big cities, small towns and little hamlets—Ruskin Bond has been the best kind of companion. He has entertained, charmed and occasionally spooked us with his books and stories, and opened our eyes to the beauty of the everyday and the natural world. He has made us smile when our spirits are low, and steadied us when we’ve stumbled.

Now, in this brilliantly readable autobiography—his book of books—one of India’s greatest writers shows us the roots of everything he has written. He begins with a dream and a gentle haunting, before taking us to an idyllic childhood in Jamnagar by the Arabian Sea—where he composed his first poem—and New Delhi in the early 1940s—where he found material for his first short story. It was a brief period of happiness that ended with his parents’ separation and the untimely death of his beloved father. A search for companionship and security, undercut by a fierce independence and a tendency for risk-taking, would inform every choice he made for the rest of his life.

With effortless intimacy and candour, Bond recalls his boarding school days in Shimla and winter holidays in Dehradun, when he tried to come to terms with a sense of abandonment, made friends, discovered great books and found his true calling. Determined to be a writer, he spent four difficult years in England, from 1951 to 1955, and he writes poignantly of his loneliness there, even as he kept his promise to himself and produced a book—the classic novel of adolescence, The Room on the Roof. It was born of his longing for ‘the atmosphere that was India’—the home he would return to even before the novel was published, taking a gamble that would prove to be the best decision he made.

In the final, glorious section of the autobiography, he writes about losing his restlessness and settling down in the hills of Mussoorie, surrounded by generous trees, mist and sunshine, birdsong, elusive big cats, new friends and eccentrics—and a family that grew around him and made him its own.

Full of anecdote, warmth and gentle wit; often deeply moving and always with a magnificent sense of time and place—and containing over fifty photographs, some of them never seen before—Lone Fox Dancing is a book of understated, enduring magic, like Ruskin Bond himself.

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The Ring of Truth: Myths of Sex and Jewelry

Wendy Doniger

ISBN: 9789386338860 | Price: INR 899


Mishti, the Mirzapuri Labrador: Urf Mishti ke Karname

Gillian Wright

ISBN: 9789386338624 | Price: INR 399

Wendy Doniger’s new book offers a riveting cross-cultural history of jewelry and its role in seduction, romance and infidelity. Few writers could begin with personal family anecdotes, shift to Sanskrit and Greek epics and the plays of Kalidasa and Shakespeare, make detours into fairy tales and folklore, return to Hollywood films and modern pop songs and still maintain a coherent, illuminating and supremely entertaining discussion. Yet that is precisely what Wendy Doniger accomplishes in this lively and penetrating examination of the enduring power of myth as revealed through stories about jewels, sex and clever women.

The Ring of Truth, like all of Wendy Doniger’s books, is an astonishing and hugely satisfying work of scholarship rendered in compulsively readable prose.


Mishti, a little golden labrador born in Mirzapur, on the banks of the Ganga, is adopted by two people from Delhi, called Gilly and Mark. It is the beginning of many adventures they will have as they learn to live together, and become a family.

Full of love, mischief and great charm, told in gloriously readable prose and complemented with charming illustrations, this is a book for all ages.

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N  E  W  T  I  T  L  E  S

Pocket Piketty: An Explainer on the Biggest Economics Book of the Century
Jesper Roine

ISBN: 9789386338853 | Price: INR 399

The White Umbrella: Carrying Pavlova from Peshawar to London
Brian Sewell

ISBN: 9789386582119 | Price: INR 399

Shared Tables: Family Stories and Recipes from Poona to LA
Kaumudi Marathé

ISBN: 9789386338976 | Price: INR 450

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Death's End: The Three-Body Problem, Book 3
Cixin Liu (Tr. by Ken Liu)

ISBN: 9781784971656
Original Price £8.99 | India Price: ₹499

The Atlantis Gene: The Atlantis Trilogy, Book 1
A.G. Riddle

ISBN: 9781784970093
Original Price £8.99 | India Price: ₹499

The Atlantis Plague: The Atlantis Trilogy, Book 2
A.G. Riddle

ISBN: 9781784970116
Original Price £6.99 | India Price: ₹499

The Atlantis World: The Atlantis Trilogy, Book 3
A.G. Riddle

ISBN: 9781784970130
Original Price £6.99 | India Price: ₹499

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Find Me
J.S. Monroe

ISBN: 9781784978075
Original Price £7.99 | India Price: ₹499

Jack the Ripper
Otto Penzler

ISBN: 9781784976248
Original Price £25.00 | India Price: ₹995

Edited by Louise Welsh

ISBN: 9781784080174
Original Price £20.00 | India Price: ₹1295

Wise Words
Stephen Trombley

ISBN: 9781784971311
Original Price £16.99 | India Price: ₹599

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