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Books of the Month: July 2016

A Little Book of Love and Companionship

Ruskin Bond

ISBN: 9789386050366 | Price: ₹299

e-Book: 9789386050380

India’s most beloved writer collects his own observations and those by some of his favourite authors and artists in this brilliant anthology on love, fellowship and togetherness. This is a book to gift yourself and every companion who has ever walked with you.

A Little Book of Serenity

Ruskin Bond

ISBN: 9789386050298 | Price: ₹299

e-Book: 9789386050342

This gorgeous pocketbook collects some of Ruskin Bond’s wisest observations—as well as those of the thinkers he most admires—on a life of calm and how to live it. A Little Book of Serenity is perfect to dip into in moments of disquiet and of peace—and to share.

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The Man Who Wouldn’t Be God

Shashi Warrier


A Book of Light: When a Loved One Has a Different Mind

Jerry Pinto (ed.)


Robert Ludlum’s the Bourne Enigma: Jason Bourne

Eric Van Lustbader

ISBN: 9789386050274 | Price: ₹350

e-Book: 9789386050311

ISBN: 9789386050175 | Price: ₹399

e-Book: 9789386050199

ISBN: 9781784979485 | Price: ₹499

Bala Kamath is a burnt-out alcoholic investigative journalist on the verge of losing his job with the media house for which he works. As a last chance to save his career, he is sent on an assignment to a small town near Mangalore, to investigate ...


In 2012, Jerry Pinto published his debut novel, Em and the Big Hoom, which drew upon his experience of living with a mother who was bipolar. It touched thousands of readers, among them many who had similar experiences—of living with someone with a mental illness or infirmity. Some of these readers shared their stories with him, and agreed to share them with the world.


Jason Bourne is in Moscow to attend the wedding of his old friend and fellow spymaster General Boris Karpov. But amid the celebrations, the General has an important message to deliver to Bourne – ‘a lifeline,’ he says, ‘for the end of the world’.

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Umi Sinha

ISBN: 9789386050441 | Price: ₹399

Lila Langdon is twelve years old when she witnesses a family tragedy after her mother unveils her father’s surprise birthday present—a tragedy that ends her childhood in India and precipitates a new life in Sussex with her great-aunt Wilhelmina.


Kohima: The Story of the Greatest Battle Ever Fought

Arthur Swinson

ISBN: 9789386050410 | Price: ₹599

On 7 March 1944 Tokyo announced that the Japanese invasion of British India had begun. By mid-month, the Japanese 31st Division had crossed the Chindwin River in northern Burma, advancing on a wide front towards Imphal and Kohima. In bitter jungle fighting from early April, the British Fourteenth Army under Field Marshal Slim held the Japanese assault on Kohima Ridge. By late June the Japanese were in headlong retreat.


Wisdom: A World History

Trevor Curnow

ISBN: 9789386050281 | Price: ₹399

‘There’s no fool like an old fool,’ the saying goes. What is it about wisdom that sets it apart from mere intelligence? What is that elusive difference between a simple grasp of the facts and profound understanding?

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The Three-Body Problem, Book 1

Cixin Liu (tr. by Ken Liu)

ISBN: 9781784971571 | Price: ₹650

1967: Ye Wenjie witnesses Red Guards beat her father to death during China’s Cultural Revolution. This singular event will shape not only the rest of her life but also the future of mankind.



Louise Welsh (ed.)

ISBN: 9781784080174 | Price: ₹1500

Haunted houses, mysterious Counts, weeping widows and restless souls, here is the definitive anthology of all that goes bump in the night. Hand-picked by award-winning author Louise Welsh, this beautiful collection of 100 ghost stories will delight, unnerve, and entertain any fiction lover brave enough ...



Otto Penzler (ed.)

ISBN: 9781784970680 | Price: ₹1350

In 1887, Arthur Conan Doyle put pen to paper and created a legend: Sherlock Holmes. The greatest detective of all time. His tall, slender, hawk-nosed figure with his deerstalker hat is instantly recognizable in every corner of the world.

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Indian Mathematics: Engaging with the World from Ancient to Modern Times

George Gheverghese Joseph

ISBN: 9781786340610 | Price: ₹995

Chemical science has made major advances in the last few decades and has gradually transformed in to a highly multidisciplinary subject that is exciting academically and at the same time beneficial to human kind. In this context, we owe much to the foundations laid by great pioneers of chemistry who contributed new knowledge and created new directions.


Make your summer fun and exciting. From the central plains of China to the charming Island of Sri Lanka, from the stories of the British Raj in India to the fascinating account of the mysterious land of Afghanistan, escape into one of these enchanting books this season.
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Lives and Times of Great Pioneers in Chemistry (Lavoisier to Sanger)

C N R Rao and Indumati Rao

ISBN: 9789814689922 | Price: ₹1595

Indian Mathematics gives a unique insight into the history of mathematics within a historical global context. It builds on research into the connection between mathematics and the world-wide advancement of economics and technology. Joseph draws out parallel developments in other cultures and carefully examines the transmission of mathematical ideas across geographical and cultural borders.

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