Books of the Month: January 2016


River of Flesh and Other Stories

The Prostituted Woman in Indian Short Fiction

Edited By Ruchira Gupta

ISBN: 9789385755583 | ₹350


Mother, Where’s My Country?

Looking for Light in the Darknessof Manipur

Anubha Bhonsle

ISBN: 9789385288357 | ₹499

‘Across regions, religions, and fourteen languages, these stories uniformly reveal the entrenched inequalities that force women into prostitution, their desire to liberate themselves, the demoralizing conditions that they are forced to endure and the remarkable strength with which they transcend their exploitation—sometimes through death and murder and sometimes through hope and fortitude.’

— Gloria Steinem

River of Flesh and Other Stories brings together twenty-one stories about trafficked and prostituted women by some of India’s most celebrated writers—Amrita Pritam, Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay, Indira Goswami, Ismat Chughtai, J. P. Das, Kamala Das, Kamleshwar, Krishan Chander, Munshi Premchand, Nabendu Ghosh, Qurratulain Hyder, Saadat Hasan Manto and Siddique Alam, among others.

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‘Focused on Manipur but reflective of much of the North East, this powerful, moving book weaves an intricate tapestry of human stories, cynical politics, individual heroism and collective humiliation. It is important we look into the mirror this book holds up for us. Anubha Bhonsle reproaches our hypocrisy but addresses our humanity.’

— P. Sainath, author of Everybody Loves a Good Drought

In her powerful, poignant book—one of the best non-fiction works from India in recent years—Anubha Bhonsle examines the tangled and tragic history of Manipur, and of much of India’s North East. Through the story of Irom Sharmila—on a protest fast since 2000—and many others who have fallen victim to violence or despair or stood up to fight for peace and justice, she shows us an entire society ravaged by insurgency and counter-insurgency operations, corruption and ethnic rivalries.

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New Titles


Bullets and Bylines: From the Frontlines of Kabul, Delhi, Damascus and Beyond

Shyam Bhatia

ISBN: 9789385755538 | ₹599

Shyam Bhatia leads us straight to the horror. His compelling and courageous reports hold a mirror to conflict in the Indian subcontinent and the Middle East. Running risks to tell the stories of those who endure warfare, he reflects that the price journalists pay is always danger.’

— Trevor Fishlock, Writer & former correspondent with The Daily Telegraph and The Times, London

Funny, moving, revealing and heartwarming, Bullets and Bylines reads like a thriller that takes the reader behind the scenes to understand the stories behind the headlines.

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The Ballad of Bant Singh

Nirupama Dutt

ISBN: 9789385288302 | ₹250

On the evening of 5th January 2006, Bant Singh, a Dalit agrarian labourer and activist in Punjab’s Jhabar village, was ambushed and brutally beaten by upper-caste Jat men armed with iron rods and axes. He lost both his arms and a leg in the attack. It was punishment for having fought for justice for his minor daughter who had been gang-raped. But his spirit was not broken, and he continues to fight for equality and dignity for millions like him, inspiring them with his revolutionary songs and his courage.

Journalist and writer Nirupama Dutt tells Bant Singh’s story in this powerful book which is both the biography of an extraordinary human being and a comment on the deep fault lines in Punjabi and Indian society.

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The Fortunate Tiger and Other Close Encounters: Selected Writings

Jim Corbett

ISBN: 9789385755453 | ₹299

‘The distance between the muzzle of my rifle and the tiger’s head was about five feet, and the thought flashed through my mind that the cordite would probably singe his hair. The ivory foresight of my rifle was on the exact spot of the tiger’s heart—where I knew my bullet would kill him instantaneously—when I gently pressed the trigger. The trigger gave under the pressure, and nothing happened.’

The Fortunate Tiger and Other Close Encounters selects the most thrilling adventures of Jim Corbett of Kumaon, legendary hunter and author.

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The Hunter's Friends: Selected Writings

Jim Corbett

ISBN: 9789385755491 | ₹199

‘I can picture the tiger now … sitting down on his haunches on reaching the open glade and laughing, a tiger’s laugh, at the sight of a big dog and a small boy running for what they thought was dear life, while all that he was doing was to shoo away a dog that had disturbed his slumbers.’

Jim Corbett, ace hunter and inimitable raconteur, was also a gifted observer, not just of the jungle but also of the people around him. In the seventeen sketches included in The Hunter’s Friends, readers will meet the men and women Corbett lived, hunted and worked with, both in Kumaon—Corbett’s stomping grounds for most of his life—and in Mokameh Ghat, where he was employed by the Railways.

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Framed as a Terrorist: My 14-Year Struggle to Prove My Innocence

Mohammed Aamir Khan with Nandita Haksar

ISBN: 9789385755224 | ₹250

A story of phenomenal humanity, perseverance and courage in the face of extreme injustice. It is not only an extraordinary memoir, it is a profoundly urgent and necessary book.

Framed As a Terrorist is the harrowing and heart-rending narrative of an ordinary young Indian man, from the by-lanes of Old Delhi, who was kidnapped by the police, falsely accused of being a terrorist, framed and kept in jail for almost fourteen years.

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The Invisible Man from Salem

Christoffer Carlsson

ISBN: 9789385755576 | ₹499


In the final days of summer, a young woman is shot dead in her apartment. Three floors above, the blue lights of the police cars awaken disgraced ex-officer Leo Junker. Though suspended from the force, he can’t stay away for long. Bluffing his way onto the crime scene, he examines the dead woman and sees that she is clasping a cheap necklace—a necklace he instantly recognises.

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From Our Diaries


·       Mother Where's My Country? Looking for Light in the Darkness of Manipur' by Anubha Bhonsle was launched at the India International Centre (IIC) on 6 January. The book launch was followed by a discussion with Sanjoy Hazarika, Ajai Shukla and Gopal Krishna Pillai. The discussion was moderated by Rajdeep Sardesai. Click here

·       Speaking Tiger participated at the New Delhi World Book Fair (NDWBF), 7–19 January 2016 at Pragati Maidan. There were many visitors to the stall and the variety of titles displayed by Speaking Tiger were much appreciated by book lovers.  Click here.

·       NDBF Author’s Corner—Speaking Tiger authors spoke about their books at the Author’s Corner at New Delhi World Book Fair. The discussion was followed by interaction with the audience.

o    Indu Balachandran, author of Runaway Writers was in conversation with Devapriya Roy. Click here.

o    Shujoy Dutta, author of Like a Pinprick to the Heart, was in conversation with Karuna Nundy. Click here

o    Marion Molteno author of ‘Uncertain Light, was in conversation with Shirin Vakeel. Click here.

o    Shubadharshini Singh illustrator for Ruskin Bond titles, ‘Friends in Wild Places, The Hunters Friend, The Fortunate Tiger, spoke about illustrating for Ruskin Bond.

·       Speaking Tiger authors were invited to the Delhi Literature Festival at Dilli Haat 8-10 January 2016. Omair Ahmad, the author of The Storyteller’s Tale was in conversation with Madhulika Lidde on 9 January. Shujoy Dutta, author of Like a Pinprick to the Heart was in discussion with Aditya Sinha on 10 January.

·       ‘Uncertain Light’ by Marion Molteno was launched by Manju Kapoor at the India International Centre (IIC) on 11 January. Click here

·       Indu Balachandran, author of 'Runaway Writers' was in a fun conversation with the audience about her new book at Quill and Canvas Gurgaon on 16 January.  Click here

·       Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival 2016 hosted the launch of River of Flesh and Other Stories: The Prostituted Women in Indian Fiction’ on 17 January. The book was released by Sonagachi leader, Keya. The launch was followed by a discussion between the book’s editor Ruchira Gupta, founder of Apne Aap Women Worldwide, Nayanika Mookherjee, Reader of Socio-Cultural Anthropology in Durham University, Modhurima Sinha, media professional and author, and journalist Ratnottama Sengupta. The highlight of the session was readings from the book by Aparna Sen. Click here

·       The just concluded Zee Jaipur Literature Festival 21-25 January 2016, saw many Speaking Tiger authors participating in the event. Click here

o    Celebrity author Ruskin Bond entertained a huge crowd of schoolchildren and adults, as he spoke about his incredible journey as a writer. He was in conversation with Speaking Tiger's publisher, Ravi Singh.

o    Jerry Pinto spoke on his acclaimed translation of Daya Pawar’s Baluta, the first Dalit autobiography to be published in Marathi and translated for the first time into English.

o    Shujoy Dutta, author of Like a Pinprick to the Heart read passages from his book and spoke about the sources and inspiration for his writing.

o    Marion Molteno, author of Uncertain Light was in conversation with Anita Agnihotri. Social activist and balladeer Bant Singh was in a session of music, poetry and social discussion, with journalist and writer. Click here

o    Nirupama Dutt and poet and journalist Desraj Kali. The tragic and inspiring story of Bant Singh’s resistance to the atrocities he suffered as a Dalit is a story of empowerment as well as a mirror to the faultlines in a still feudal society, recounted by Nirupama Dutt in her book The Ballad of Bant Singh. Bant Singh also delighted the audience by singing a couple of songs from his repertoire.

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