Books of the Month: February 2016

Bicycle Dreaming

Mridula Koshy

Beauty Is a Wound

Eka Kurniawan

ISBN: 9789385755163 | Price: ₹350

e-Book ISBN: 9789385755170

ISBN: 9789385755682 | Price: ₹499

From one birthday to the next, thirteen-year-old Noor watches as her family comes apart. Her father, Mohammad Saidullah, a kabadiwala, loses his job pedalling his bicycle door-to-door to collect household discards; he is forced to join the ranks of those who scavenge in New Delhi’s landfills. Noor’s brother, Talib, works in a call centre; his aspirations for a better life are a constant source of friction. When Talib leaves the family after his father’s further downslide into poverty, and their mother, Ameena, follows him, Noor sees it as further evidence of her mother’s preference for the son over the daughter. Noor dreams of riding a bicycle but won’t allow herself to learn.

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"One of the Top Ten Books of 2015" - Publisher's Weekly USA

Described as ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude kicked into another gear’, Beauty Is a Wound combines history, satire, family tragedy, legend, humour and romance in a sweeping polyphony. The novel begins with the Japanese occupation of Indonesia, then a Dutch colony, during World War II. Dewi Ayu, a beautiful half-Dutch, half-Indonesian girl, is captured by Japanese soldiers along with twenty others and brutalized. After the US Army frees Indonesia—and Dewi—from the Japanese, Dewi finds her family untraceable and their mansion occupied by American soldiers. Struggling to survive, she turns to prostitution and soon becomes the most sought after prostitute in the land.

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ISBN: 9789385755620

Price: ₹199

e-Book ISBN: 9789385755644

Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow

A Book for an Idle Holiday

Jerome K. Jerome

What readers ask nowadays in a book is that it should improve, instruct, and elevate. This book wouldn’t elevate a cow… All I can suggest is that when you get tired of reading “the best hundred books”, you may take this up for half an hour. It will be a change.

A book of essays and observations by one of the finest humorists of all time, Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow has remained a classic since it was first published in the late nineteenth century. Writing on a whimsically diverse range of topics—on being idle (‘It is impossible to enjoy idling thoroughly unless one has plenty of work to do’); on memory (‘That is just the way with Memory; nothing that she brings to us is complete’); on being hard up (‘Being poor is a mere trifle. It is being known to be poor that is the sting’); on being in love (‘Love is like the measles; we all have to go through it. Also, like the measles, we take it only once’)—Jerome K. Jerome has delighted readers over generations.

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ISBN: 9789385755828

Price: ₹450

The Science of Happiness

How our Brains Make us Happy—and What we Can do to Get Happier

Stefan Klein

Translated by Stephen Lehmann

An international bestseller, this book is an enthralling exploration of the science of happiness.

We all know what it feels like to be happy, but what mechanisms inside our brains trigger such a positive emotion? What does it really mean to be happy, and why can’t we feel that way all of the time? Psychologists and neuroscientists have been studying negative emotions for decades, but until recently few have focused on the subject of happiness.

Now, in The Science of Happiness, leading science journalist Stefan Klein ranges widely across the latest frontiers of neuroscience and psychology to explain how happiness is generated in our brains, what biological purpose it serves, and the conditions required to foster the ‘pursuit of happiness’. A remarkable synthesis of a growing body of research that has not been brought together before, The Science of Happiness is, ultimately, a book that helps us understand our own quest for happiness—and is certain to help make you happier.

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·        Speaking Tiger launches Bullets and Bylines - From the frontlines of Kabul, Delhi, Damascus and beyond by Shyam Bhatia at India International Centre on 17 February 2016. Sir Mark Tully, Author & former Bureau Chief, BBC, New Delhi was in Conversation with Shyam Bhatia. Click here

·        Bicycle Dreaming by Mridula Koshy was launched at India International Centre (IIC) on 29 January 2016. The book launch was followed by a book reading session. Veena Venugopal, author and editor of 'Blink' (Hindu Businessline) was in conversation with Mridula Koshy. Click here

·        Speaking Tiger authors Mridula Koshy, Jerry Pinto, Shanta Gokhale and Anupama Raju were invited for the Kala Ghoda festival in Mumbai from 6th to 14th February 2016. Click here

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