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December 2015

ISBN: 9789385755392

Price: ₹699

On My Terms

From the Grassroots to the Corridors of Power

Sharad Pawar

Eyewitness at the highest levels to India’s and Maharashtra’s history since the 1960s, Sharad Pawar shares in this memoir his reflections on coalition politics, the loss of democracy in the Congress Party (with which he began his political life), the state of agriculture and industry in the country and the absolute necessity of social harmony and a liberal, inclusive ethos for India’s future. As he does this, he also gives us rare information about many crises and turning points: Emergency and its impact on national and regional politics; the fall of the Chandrashekhar government in 1991; the signing of the Punjab Accord between Rajiv Gandhi and H.S. Longowal; the Babri Masjid demolition; the Mumbai bomb blasts of 1993; the devastating earthquake in Latur; the Enron power project controversy; and Sonia Gandhi’s dramatic decision to give up the chance to occupy the country’s highest office.

The narrative also contains candid assessments of some of the biggest names in Indian politics, among them, Indira, Rajiv and Sonia Gandhi, Y.B. Chavan, Morarji Desai, Biju Patnaik, A.B. Vajpayee, Chandrashekhar, P.V. Narasimha Rao, George Fernandes and Bal Thackeray.

On My Terms is a rich, insightful and remarkably frank memoir by one of India’s most experienced and influential political leaders, and a valuable document of the country’s recent political history.

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ISBN: 9789385288289

Price: ₹299

Runaway Writers

Indu Balachandran

A racy romedy about staying restless till you find the life you love. And the love of your life.

Three spirited young women—Amby, Mini and Bobby—arrive in magical Greece for a Writers’ Workshop. Each is chasing a secret dream, hoping to change track from jobs that are not fulfilling enough. For them ‘the world is full of books in search of authors’.

Amby had recklessly quit a cushy corporate job to become the ghost Twitter-writer for KayKay, the hot new Kollywood superstar. Reinventing him as India’s Wittiest Tweeter was heady—until Amby starts craving to be famous for her own writing. Mini, a bestselling children’s books author, arrives with a fantasy of writing erotic novels. And Bobby quits a super successful career as an advertising copywriter to turn into a travel writer. Their creative journey leads to deep friendships and truly inspiring lessons for life.

But…unexpected twists and turns are bound to happen in impossibly romantic Santorini…

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ISBN: 9789385755187

Price: ₹350

New Songs of the Survivors

The Exodus of Indians from Burma

Yvonne Vaz Ezdani

‘Heartwarming and inspirational. These memoirs illuminate the pioneering spirit, humanity, courage and faith that have sustained refugees from Burma.’

—Maria Aurora Couto, author of Goa: A Daughter’s Story and Filomena’s Journeys

‘“And on that long, difficult walk from Burma to India, some people became so weak with hunger that they did not even have the strength to pull out grass from the ground to eat. Instead they had to lie down and eat the grass off the ground like cattle,” my father would say, his voice full of awe at such determination to live.’

During the Second World War, many of the Indians settled in Burma were killed following the bombing of Rangoon by the Japanese Air Force. Thousands more were forced to give up everything—their homes, their businesses and shops, even their families—and flee to India to escape the invasion. The lucky ones flew home. Others followed by ship, crossing the Bay of Bengal under constant threat of aerial and submarine bombardment. But most walked all the way, to Manipur and then Assam, braving hunger, disease, wild animals and exhaustion. Some walked the more hazardous route further north, across the Hukaung Valley, which came to be called the Valley of Death.

Drawing primarily on recollections from the survivors and descendants of Burma’s once-thriving Goan community, this compelling book is the first attempt to write an oral history of the ‘Forgotten Long March’—one of the biggest and most harrowing migrations in recent history.

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ISBN: 9789385755125

Price: ₹250

East of Suez

Stories of Love, Betrayal and Hauntings from the Raj

Alice Perrin

‘“You’ll laugh, perhaps, when I tell you,” he went on hesitatingly; “but when she left me she said that if she died she would come straight to me first, and I gave her the same promise on my side. If anything happens to Lilla she will come and fetch me. I believe this with every atom of my being.”’

A woman’s ghost comes calling for her devoted husband; an amulet hastily given to a British officer saves him from a man-eating tiger; a happily married young woman finds herself reminiscing about someone lost for ever; an ayah sings lullabies to her imaginary charge; and an obnoxious self-made man loses his family in a flash.

Written and set in late-nineteenth-century India, the stories in East of Suez—domestic dramas, shikar stories, hauntings and grand love affairs—chronicle the lives and after-lives of the sahibs and memsahibs of the Raj. Sharply observed and timeless in its evocation of an age long past, East of Suez is a memorable and gripping read.

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ISBN: 9789385288692

Price: ₹499

ASAP Science

Answers to the World’s Weirdest Questions, Most Persistent Rumours and Unexplained Phenomena

Mitchell Moffit and Greg Brown

‘Be educated and entertained by this quirky book, which unites baffling questions and their surprising answers.’

The Observer

AsapSCIENCE comes a book about the science that people actually want to learn, presented in a quirky and accessible way. And in the spirit of science, no subject is taboo.

Why do we get hungover? Which actually came first, the chicken or the egg? Is binge-watching TV bad for you? Now, for the first time, Mitchell Moffit and Greg Brown, the geniuses behind AsapSCIENCE and AsapTHOUGHT, answer these questions by explaining the true science of how things work in this fascinating and hilarious book.

Applying the fun, illustrated format of their addictive videos to topics ranging from brain freeze to hiccups to the science of the snooze button, Asap Science is the book that answers the questions you were too afraid to ask in science class. Whether you’re a total science newbie or the next Albert Einstein, this guide is sure to educate and entertain ...ASAP.

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ISBN: 9789385755057

Price: ₹399

We Are All Stardust

Scientists who Shaped our World Talk About Their Work, Their Lives, and What they Still Want to Know

Stefan Klein

Translated by Ross Benjamin

‘An exceedingly welcome volume that will expose readers to all manner of topics that are likely new to them in a manner that focuses first on the lively personalities of the scientists, while slowly diving into their work. Surprises abound…and the book’s diversionary aspect cannot be overrated. Truly enjoyable.’


World-leading natural and social scientists shed light on their discoveries and lives in conversation with an award-winning science writer.

When acclaimed science writer Stefan Klein asks Nobel Prize-winning chemist Roald Hoffmann what sets scientists apart, Hoffmann says, ‘First and foremost, curiosity.’ In this collection of intimate conversations with nineteen of the world’s best-known scientists, Klein lets us listen in as today’s leading minds reveal what they still hope to discover—and how their paradigm-changing work entwines with their lives outside the lab.

From the sports car that physicist Steven Weinberg says helped him on his quest for ‘the theory of everything’ to the jazz musicians who gave psychologist Alison Gopnik new insight into raising children, scientists explain how they find inspiration everywhere. Hear from evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins on selfishness; anthropologist Sarah Hrdy on motherhood; primatologist Jane Goodall on animal behaviour; neuroscientist V.S. Ramachandran on consciousness; geographer Jared Diamond on chance in history; and other luminaries!

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ISBN: 9789385755316

Price: ₹250

The Patiala Quartet

Neel Kamal Puri

‘This debut novel will rank among the best works of English-language fiction from Punjab.’

—Khushwant Singh

Punjab in the early 1980s. The atmosphere is charged with calls for Khalistan and there is terror and violence on the streets. The ripples reach even the quiet town of Patiala, triggering unexpected changes in the lives of siblings Monty and Minnie, and their cousins Karuna and Michael, who must all find ways of dealing with the new world. Monty retreats into silence and Michael seeks escape in motorbike rides, but the women take life head on. Demure Karuna rejects marriage, causing scandal; and Minnie let’s everyone know that she won’t be a good girl, that she will write her own destiny.

In The Patiala Quartet Neel Kamal Puri crafts a sensitive story about growing up—about losing all hope, and finding happiness; holding on, and letting go; going under, and breaking free.

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ISBN: 9789385755323

Price: ₹250

Remember to Forget

Neel Kamal Puri

‘[Neel Kamal Puri] handles her theme with the deftness of a born storyteller.’

—Khushwant Singh

In Ludhiana in the 1990s, everyone is waiting for life to be normal again. The Punjab insurgency has ended, and the city is trying to emerge from the shadow of the gun. Tejpal hopes to outrun the murderous mob that began chasing him in his dreams in the winter of 1984. Mr Bakshi is, once more, throwing over-the-top parties at his palatial home. Gurjant Singh, once the self-styled keeper of Sikh pride, is now a mere goon for hire, and madly in love with Sweety the dancer. And childlike Kailla, always the innocent bystander, is learning to be a man.

In this novel of interconnected lives, told with wit, empathy and understanding, Neel Kamal Puri brings alive the stories of a wounded city and its inhabitants—for whom the only way to survive is to remember, always, to forget.

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