Book launch of ‘Tales from the Tail End’ by Ananya Mukherjee.

September 3, 2019

Book launch of ‘Tales from the Tail End’ by Ananya Mukherjee. The book release was followed by a discussion between Harmala Gupta, President, CanSupport & Founder-President, Cancer Care India and Sadia Dehlvi, Author and Columnist Moderated by Pragya Tiwari, Editor and Journalist.
There was a performance by renowned Dastangoi artiste, Himanshu Bajpai, after the discussion.

Upamanyu Chatterjee in conversation with Shilpi Shukla about his latest book ‘The Assassination of Indira Gandhi’

July 9, 2019

A magisterial collection of twelve long stories written between 1985 and 2019—including previously unpublished stories—by one of India’s finest and most well-known novelists.

Click here to buy a copy of the book.

Interview with Rashmi Saksena, author of ‘She Goes To War; Women Militants of India’

June 14, 2018

Women have been crucial operators in insurgencies in Assam, Manipur, Nagaland, Chhattisgarh and Kashmir. Through the stories of Purnima, Khalida, Ribini and others profiled in ‘She Goes To War’, veteran journalist Rashmi Saksena attempts to understand what goes into the making of a woman militant.

Click here to know more about the book ‘She Goes To War; Women Militants of India’.

About Mid- Life Romance!: Ritu Bhatia, author of ‘Manspotting’ in conversation with Manjula Narayan.

April 9, 2018

Told with engaging wit and candour, Manspotting looks at the metamorphosis of love, sex and relationships over two decades, in a culture beset with contradictions and judgements about women’s interactions with the opposite sex. The future of romance, says Ritu, depends upon the willingness of men and women to step out of gender stereotypes and embrace unconventional relationships that allow partners to live on their own terms.

Click here to read an excerpt from the book ‘Manspotting’.

Book Launch of ‘The Free Voice: On Democracy, Culture and the Nation’ by Ravish Kumar

March 22, 2018

Ravish Kumar in this wide-ranging book examines the spaces available for people to speak out, whether in the mainstream or on social media, and why they are constantly shrinking. He investigates the threats to free expression—censorship, the fear of institutional, physical and psychological violence—and how these threats are being used to replace civilized debate, dialogue and social harmony with intolerance and hate.

Click here to read an excerpt from the book ‘The Free Voice.

Book trailer of ‘Chandni Chowk: The Mughal City of Old Delhi’ by Swapna Liddle

July 1, 2017

What we know today as Chandni Chowk was once a part of one of the greatest cities of the world—the imperial city established by the Mughal emperor Shahjahan in the seventeenth century, and named after him—Shahjahanabad. This is the story of how the city came to be established, its grandeur as the capital of an empire at its peak, and its important role in shaping the language and culture of North India. It is also the story of the many tribulations the city has seen—the invasion of Nadir Shah, the Revolt of 1857, Partition.

Swapna Liddle draws upon a wide variety of sources, such as the accounts of Mughal court chroniclers, travellers’ memoirs, poetry, newspapers and government documents, to paint a vivid and dynamic panorama of the city from its inception to recent times.

Click here to get your copy of Chandni Chowk: The Mughal City of Old Delhi.

Book trailer of ‘Find Me’ by J. S. Monroe

May 4, 2017

Five years ago, Rosa walked to the pier in the dead of night, looked into the swirling water, and jumped. She was a brilliant young Cambridge student who had just lost her father. Her death was tragic, but not unexpected.

Was that what really happened?

The coroner says it was suicide. But Rosa’s boyfriend Jar can’t let go. He sees Rosa everywhere – a face on the train, a figure on the cliff. He is obsessed with proving that she is still alive. And then he gets an email.

Find me, Jar. Find me, before they do…

Click here to get your copy of Find Me.

Giulia Enders talks about her book ‘Gut’ at the Sydney Opera House’s talks and ideas program.

March 29, 2017

What if the key to living a happier, healthier life is already inside of us?

Inquisitive and talented microbiology student and bestselling author Giulia Enders explores one of the most complex, important, and even miraculous parts of our anatomy – the gut.

Click here to get your copy of Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Under-Rated Organ.

Book Review of The Yard by Aliyyah Eniath

December 14, 2016

A moving story of love and redemption set in Trinidad, that exposes the fault lines in Indo-Muslim culture, as it explores three generations of a family who move from being indentured labourers to wealthy business owners.

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