Trump’s Populist America 1

Trump’s Populist America

Steven Rosefielde









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(Paperback | 256 pages | 2017)


Donald Trump is America’s president because Washington chose to squeeze ordinary people for the establishment’s benefit. The common people in the spirit of Jeffersonian democracy rebelled voting to topple the establishment (Democrats and a majority of Republican leaders swayed by Strobe Talbott’s vision of the Global Nation and indebted to Wall Street) and replace it with an elected government that is attuned to the common man’s concerns. Ordinary Americans are not racists, bigots, xenophobes or isolationists. They are nationalists in the Jeffersonian sense who bristle at being victimized by over-reaching special interest government at home and who welcome amicable relations with neighbors across the globe.Trump understands these fundamentals and has set his sights on building a Jeffersonian populist America in a workman-like manner. Trump’s Populist America documents the grievances ordinary middle- and working-class American people harbour against establishment’s Global Nation policies at home and abroad and shows how Trump intends to rectify matters. The policies that he is fashioning are not half measures. If he succeeds, these policies will reverse the course of the twenty-first-century history for the benefit of middle- and working-class Americans. Neutral observers also may be pleased, but not the establishment. Trump’s election thus is the beginning of the story, not its end. A battle is shaping up between populist advocates of open societies and those who are sure ‘father’ knows best.