Why The Sky Is Blue/Aakaash Neela Kyun Hai 1

Why The Sky Is Blue/Aakaash Neela Kyun Hai

Chandralekhaandamp;Dashrath Patel









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(Paperback | 28 pages)


Dr C.V. Raman loved the universe, loved science, loved speaking to children. He spoke eloquently and encouraged people to ask questions and seek answers.

In this extraordinary book conceived by two creative minds, the eminent scientist and Nobel Prize winner urges readers to look around, observe nature, and ask questions. The text is extracted from a famous lecture delivered by him at the Community Science Centre in Ahmedabad on 22 December 1968, and the dramatic black and white photographs were taken while he was talking about why the sky is blue. This gives the book a feeling of action, as though Dr C.V. Raman is actually speaking, moving his hands about and forcefully making his points.
The pictures, the talk, the introduction, a crisp timeline listing milestones, the anecdotes, and a simple explanation of the Raman Effect all combine to capture the essence of a multifaceted man who was an inspiring example of the scientific spirit.