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A Map of Flames

Pammy Sacher Kohli


Speaking Tiger Academic



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(Hardback | ISBN 9789388326100 | 88 pages | 2018)


I emerge into sunrise
Kisses, a smile
Riding a silver arrow
From the golden heart
Of my beloved to mine.

A Map of Flames is a collection of lyrical poems that come from the heart. Pammy Sacher Kohli writes of the many moods of life, the register shifting fluidly from the joyously romantic to the mellow, and back, as she records the myriad colours of love and nature—a lover’s smile, a Himalayan dawn, the scent of wet earth after the first rains.

This collection is a sensitive and memorable tribute to the world we inhabit—to its promise, its intoxication and its enduring comforts even after loss.”