The Public Professor

M. V. Lee Badgett









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(Hardback | ISBN 9788193307397 | 256 pages | 2016)


The Public Professor offers scholars ways to use their ideas, research, and knowledge to address the most important issues of the day. This book gives practical strategies to become more engaged with the public on a variety of fronts: online, in print, at council hearings, even national legislation. M. V. Lee Badgett, herself a veteran policy analyst and public intellectual with more than twenty-five years of experience connecting cutting-edge research with policy makers and the public, shows you how to find and develop relationships with the people who can take your research and ideas into places scholars rarely go, and who can get you into congressional hearings, on NPR, or into the pages of the New York Times. Learn how to use research to change minds, and turn your knowledge into clear and compelling messages to use in interviews, blog posts, tweets, and op-eds. The work of academics can matter and be influential on a public level, but the path to becoming a public intellectual, influential policy advisor, valued community resource, or go-to person on an issue is not one that most scholars are trained for. Clear, practical, and insightful, The Public Professor is an essential guide for anyone who wants to build the necessary skills to get involved, make a difference, and change the world.