Tikli and Laxmi Bomb

Tikli and Laxmi Bomb

Aditya Kripalani









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(Paperback | ISBN 9780692533390 | 165 pages)


Laxmi Malwankar, 40, is a sex worker in Mumbai working for nearly two decades. She’s jaded & has a deep-seeded loyalty towards Mhatre, the pimp. Putul, 22, hails from West Bengal and Mhatre has brought her to Laxmi to be taught the ropes.
Putul is full of questions about how this system works, why all the men in this system profess to provide protection but then end up becoming predators themselves.
Over time Putul is able to convince Laxmi that things need changing. Laxmi, though not fully convinced to take it up as her own cause, decides to stand by Putul thanks to a sequence of irrefutable events that occur on the street.
Together they get to be known as Tikli and Laxmi Bomb and start off a mini revolution in which they set up a system for women, run by women the way they want.
How far are they able to go? How tall is their new organization able to grow before it becomes too big a threat for patriarchy to let it exist?