Attractors and Inertial Manifolds 1

Attractors and Inertial Manifolds

Guo, Boling / Ling, Liming / Ma, Yansheng / Yang, Hui










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(Hardback | 430 pages)


This two-volume work presents state-of-the-art mathematical theories and results on infinite-dimensional dynamical systems. Inertial manifolds, approximate inertial manifolds, discrete attractors and the dynamics of small dissipation are discussed in detail. The unique combination of mathematical rigor and physical background makes this work an essential reference for researchers and graduate students in applied mathematics and physics. The main emphasis in the first volume is on the mathematical analysis of attractors and inertial manifolds. This volume deals with the existence of global attractors, inertial manifolds and with the estimation of Hausdorff fractal dimension for some dissipative nonlinear evolution equations in modern physics. Known as well as many new results about the existence, regularity and properties of inertial manifolds and approximate inertial manifolds are also presented in the first volume. The second volume will be devoted to modern analytical tools and methods in infinite-dimensional dynamical systems. ContentsAttractor and its dimension estimationInertial manifoldThe approximate inertial manifold