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GUT. I Was the Wind Last Night Naked or Covered.The Ring of Truth.

India Dissent. Journey After Midnight She Goes to War.The Ring of Truth.

Feasts and Fasts. Curry She Goes to War.A Thousand Yearnings.

Where Indus is Young. Full Tilt Reading the Kamasutra.Birds of Passage.

Come As You Are. Never Marry a Woman with Big Feet Intimacy Undone.On My Terms.


Upcountry Tales. The Valley of Flowers Intimacy Undone.Rungli Rungliot.

Manspotting. A Full Night's Thievery The Yard.Bicycle Dreaming.

A City Happens in Love. Season of Crimson Blossoms UP Campus Down Campus.The Last Email.

The Revenge of the Non-Vegetarian. Man Tiger Relapse.Tales of the Metric System.

The Woman in the Bazaar. Yasodhara Star of India.Secret Wife.

A Time to Dance, No Time to Weep. 
A House with Four Rooms Star of India.Secret Wife.

The Vermilion Boat. A House with Four Rooms Star of India.Secret Wife.

The Last Candle. Pilgrimage .Secret Wife.The Vermilion Boat.


The Vermilion Boat. A House with Four Rooms Star of India.Secret Wife.

The Vermilion Boat. Peter Pan. A House with Four Rooms Star of India.

Secret Wife. Secret Wife. Secret Wife. Secret Wife.

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‘Salma doesn’t mince words, there is no modulation or playing down. She’s very even-toned but she doesn’t hold back,’ says the English translator of Salma’s The Curse, N Kalyan Raman in an interview to Firstpost

Speaking to Natasha Badhwar for Article 14, Mander opens up for the first time about his own near-death experience of being a Covid patient in a public hospital and the implications of being in the midst of a humanitarian catastrophe.

In an interview with Cinestaan, Ratnottama Sengupta speaks about her father, famed screenwriter Nabendu Ghosh, and why he wrote about courtesans and prostituted women in the collection of short stories titled Mistress of Melodies.


In The Brass Notebook, the feminist economist and academician has sportingly put down a no-holds-barred, intimate and political memoir that chronicles her colourful life and journey.
Money Control

Review of Gulgul in Sea-Saw Gara: For the first time, what may look like a fun-filled adventure read, may actually give some insights on topics like food chain, breaking gender stereotypes and a curiosity for coining or understanding words over re-reads.
Kids Book Café

Bride of the Forest perfectly stays true to its name. Philosophically precise, factually glorified and beautifully put to words, Madhavi Mahadevan’s new book is a literary work worth remembering.
Deepan’s Bookshelf

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