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A Book of Simple Living Jiya Jale Full Tilt Rungli Rungliot The Himalaya Club and Other Entertainments from the Raj

A Little Book of Courage Jiya Jale Rungli Rungliot Beloved Delhi Come As You are

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A City Happens in Love Eve out of her Ruins The Diary of a Nobody Yasodhara Those Mag Wom

The Shah of Chicago East of Suez The Yard Half open windowst Garden of Love

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Head of Zeus

Pachinko The Three Body Problem Theo A I Ugly? Calling Us Home

That Glimpse of Truth Atlantis Gene Mischief May we borrow your language Astonishing the Gods

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The Crescent Moon Friends in Wild Places Strange Worlds! Strange Times! Jwala Kumar and the Gift of Fire Calling Us Home

A Firefly in the Dark Friends in Wild Places Strange Worlds! Strange Times! Jwala Kumar and the Gift of Fire Calling Us Home
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Monk on.a Hill Friends in Wild Places Strange Worlds! Strange Times! Jwala Kumar and the Gift of Fire Calling Us Home

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“AFSPA’s shadow was darkest in the early years of the insurgency. In the 1960s…socialist leader Jayaprakash Narayan…referred to the government’s handling of the Naga problem as ‘India’s Vietnam’. He was referring to the ruthlessness and widespread violation of human rights perpetrated on the Naga people. The horrifying scenes of entire villages burnt down, the humiliation of people running for cover in their own land, the pain of living in the jungles during the torrential rains, the trauma of seeing loved ones dying before one’s eyes — these have largely gone undocumented. But these experiences live on in the memories of the people. It is no wonder that these generations are affected with post-traumatic stress disorder… I’ve tried to capture those years in my debut novel,” Waiting for the Dust to Settle

— Veio Pou, author Waiting for the Dust to Settle, writes for The Hindu, on his memories of living through the Indo-Naga conflict, the turbulent 1960s-80s in Manipur and the decades-long wait for peace

“I started writing when I was 15 or 16, as a response to my anxiety about why my life could not be different, as a critique of society [and what it was doing to me],” Salma, the author of The Curse, says in her interview , with Amrita Dutta in The Indian Express

‘Salma doesn’t mince words, there is no modulation or playing down. She’s very even-toned but she doesn’t hold back,’ says the English translator of Salma’s The Curse, N Kalyan Raman in an interview to Firstpost


In Colaba- The Diamond at the Tip of Mumbai Shabnam Minwalla weaves an enchanting tapestry of one of the most ‘happening’ and yet historical areas of the city.
Booked for Life

Turmeric Nation traces the myriad patterns that have formed Indian food cultures, taste preferences and cooking traditions. Shylashri Shankar draws on personal experiences, history, archaeological findings, sociology and popular culture, to present a biography of food of this diverse land.
The New Indian Express

It was at a horseshoe-shaped dining table in 1943, that the story of English theatre in Bombay was first scripted, and with that, the fate of two families, the Padamsees and Alkazis…It’s not surprising then that Feisal Alkazi, the son of theatre veteran and former director of the National School of Drama Ebrahim Alkazi, opens his new book, Enter Stage Right: The Alkazi/Padamsee Family Memoir, with this episode. It’s a curtain-raiser to a grand story of two of the greatest theatre families.

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