When I Grow Up I Want to Be a Tiger

By Prerna Singh Bindra

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One night Ma decided that we should learn how to hunt for our food. There are so many animals in the jungle that we can hunt – deer, wild pigs, monkeys, hare and sometimes even the mighty elephant.

But isn’t it cruel, Ma? No, she said, they are our food. If we don’t eat some of the deer, they will eat all the grass and plants and the jungle will become bare and brown, and slowly die.

My Ma, she is very wise. Also all that talk about food made my stomach growl! We had our first hunting lesson. I was so excited!

Once, I tried to kill a big sambar deer and he attacked me with his antlers! I was scared, but mother came to my rescue and frightened the sambar away. In the forest, my Ma is the strongest.

Ma gave me a big whack for not listening to her. “You are still too young, son. Don’t go near big animals,” she growled. “And never, ever go near Humans. They are not jungle animals. It is wise to fear them. Sometimes people can be cruel; they might hurt you.”

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