All That Could Have Been

January 20, 2015

Raising a young child on her own, writing him letters pretending to be his absentee father, Vasudha Prasad has taught herself not to dream.

A wealthy hotelier with no fixed address, Aarav Ruparel travels light, using ambition to shield himself from emotion.

Neither is seeking love. And when it comes calling, it tests them both: Vasudha must accept that her marriage was a mistake, and Aarav must learn that sometimes loss is gain.

All That Could Have Been is a compelling examination of love by one of Indian cinema’s most extraordinary chroniclers of human relationships.

The Storyteller’s Tale

January 19, 2015

Fleeing the city of Delhi ravaged by Ahmad Shah Abdali’s forces, the storyteller stops at an isolated haveli. When the Begum of the haveli invites him to stay and share a story, he tells her the tale of two brothers, Taka and Wara—wolf and boy—and the hurt and fear that come when love remains unrecognized. The Begum responds with her own story—of Aresh and Barab, and a friendship that transcends death. What follows is a many layered, unforgettable duel of narratives—about love and loyalty, friendship and sacrifice, desire and anguish.

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