The Adventures of Prince Akbar

The Adventures of Prince Akbar

Flora Annie Steel


Classics, Fiction




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(Paperback | ISBN 9789387164192 | 216 pages + colour illustrations | December 2017)


Long before he entered history books as Emperor Akbar, the Great Mughal, Prince Akbar was a brave young boy, growing up alone while his father Humayun was far away, fighting to win back the throne of Hindustan. But he had his faithful companions, a fierce black sheepdog and a clever snow-white cat, to protect him from demons and other dangers. Join him in The Adventures of Prince Akbar as he gets entangled in conspiracies and battles, foils his wicked uncle’s attempts to kidnap him and playfully chases a bear over the snow, into a hidden green valley. A timeless classic read by children across the years and countries, The Adventures of Prince Akbar comes now with an introduction by Ruskin Bond and will be a book to treasure for a lifetime.

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About the author

Flora Annie Steel

Flora Annie Steel (1847–1929) was an English writer who was fascinated by Indian culture and spent twenty-two years in British India, writing extensively about the stories she heard and her own experiences in the country as the outspoken and critical wife of an engineer in the Indian Civil Service. Steel was described as ‘the female […]

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