That Bird Called Happiness

That Bird Called Happiness

Nabendu Ghosh

Edited By

Ratnottama Sengupta


Fiction, Stories


Paperback with flaps


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$5.07000 $2.29000

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(Paperback with flaps | ISBN 9789387164925 | 272 pp | May 2018)


In this collection—ranging from stories of love found and lost to tales of the supernatural—Ghosh masterfully traces the inscrutable ways of the human heart. The reigning queen of Bombay cinema allows a younger leading man to fall in love with her to spite her husband. A schoolmaster’s ravishing wife joins him in the small town where he works, inspires him to build a garden for her, and sets about wrecking his life. An impoverished student sits across a purdah from a nawab’s begum; she dictates letters to her husband and, as the student takes down her words, he falls into forbidden love with the voice from across the screen. And an unbending priest from Noakhali finds all the principles of his life upended after Muslim rioters kidnap his daughter.

Marked by psychological insight, keen observation and vivid prose, That Bird Called Happiness brings to readers the work of one of the greats—not only of Bengali literature but of the Indian literary canon.


‘Nabendu Ghosh’s perfect characterisation enabled any director to shoot the film with ease. He had the rare ability to pen the pulse of a character.’—Dilip Kumar

‘As a writer and as a creative individual, Nabendu Ghosh has never believed evil is man’s natural state. Along with his characters, he has been confronting [it], as always…[and] fighting and surviving on…hope.’—Mrinal Sen

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About the author

Nabendu Ghosh

Nabendu Ghosh (1917–2007) was a dancer, novelist, short-story writer, film director, actor and screenwriter. And, as part of a team of iconic film directors and actors, he was instrumental in shaping an entire age of Indian cinema. He was the recipient of numerous literary and film awards, including the Bankim Puraskar, the Bibhuti Bhushan Sahitya […]

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