Sunita De Souza Goes to Sydney and Other Stories

Sunita De Souza Goes to Sydney and Other Stories

Roanna Gonsalves


Fiction, Short Stories





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Paperback | ISBN 9789387693104 | 296 pp | April 2018


A woman who can’t swim wades into a suburban pool. An Indian family sits down to an Australian Christmas dinner. A single mother’s offer to coach her son’s football team leads to an unexpected encounter, and a wife refuses to let her husband look at her phone.
Roanna Gonsalves’ short stories unearth the aspirations, ambivalence and guilt laced through the lives of twenty-first century Indian immigrants to Australia, steering through clashes of cultures, trials of faith, and squalls of racism. Sometimes heartwrenching, sometimes playful, they cut to the truth of what it means to be a modern outsider. Since its publication, Sunita De Souza Goes to Sydney has quickly found a place on a number of lists of must-read books, and has been praised by critics for its playfulness with language, its boldness and its fresh voice.


‘... reading this book I would constantly have a pencil in my hand and I would be making little exclamation marks at the corners of the margins. I would advise you all to get a copy of Sunita De Souza Goes to Sydney and get hold of your own pencils and enjoy her writing.’—Jerry Pinto

‘Her felicity with language is one of the major strengths of the book… This is a reassuring debut of a very compassionate new voice.’—Kunal Ray, Biblio: A Review of Books

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