Relapse, The Consequences of Love

Relapse, The Consequences of Love

Srikant Verma

Translated By

Krishna Baldev Vaid






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(Paperback | ISBN 9789388070560 | 144 pp | Oct 2018)


A man comes home to find a note from Bindo—his estranged lover—asking to meet. Everything about Bindo angers him—her beauty, pride and poise; the sexual attraction she continues to exert upon him. He recognizes in himself again the agonizing jealousy which had forced her to leave him. And he fears her uncanny ability to pierce the barriers he has erected around himself.
Yet the two meet—in each other’s houses, in restaurants and parks across Delhi—still attracted to each other but haunted by their past, still inflicting pain, locked in a battle of doomed love. But when, after a drunken evening, he wakes up in Bindo’s bed, at her feet, he finds himself stripped of all ego, and helpless.
Bold and ahead of its time, Relapse is an intense exploration of physical and emotional desire and the inscrutable ways of men and women in love. A compact love story of visceral impact, and a portrait of Delhi that now exists only in memory, Relapse is a modern classic.

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Srikant Verma

Srikant Verma was a novelist, short-story writer, journalist and literary critic, but he is best known as one of the most significant poets in modern Hindi poetry. His most famous poetic work is Magadh, for which he received the Sahitya Akademi Award. Other works include the poetry collections Bhatka Megh, Maya Darpan and Jalsaghar; collections […]

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