Off We Go! To Jaipur, to Jaipur

Off We Go! To Jaipur, to Jaipur

Arthy Muthanna Singh and Mamta Nainy




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( Hardback | 978-93-90477-72-2 | 52 pages | 2021)


The maharaja’s golden brooch is missing, right from the City Palace itself! Who could have stolen it? And how? Come on—there is no time to waste! Kavya and Pia need your help to solve the mystery of the maharaja’s missing
brooch. Is it hidden in the Jantar Mantar? Or is it in Hawa Mahal or Amer Fort? Could it still be in the City Palace itself, hidden from sight? Race along with the super sibling detective team as they piece together this mystery and take you through the streets of the historic Pink City of Jaipur.

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