Murder in the City

Murder in the City

Supratim Sarkar

Translated By

Swati Sengupta







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Paperback | ISBN 9789387164826 | 264 pp | February 2018)


Brother kills brother using the plague bacteria as a murder weapon.
A man is killed in his sleep and his body walled up in the house.
A seemingly docile housewife masterminds a gruesome twin murder

The Kolkata Police is one of the oldest and most illustrious police forces in the country. In Murder in the City, Supratim Sarkar digs deep into their archives and chooses twelve astonishing cases to recount, bringing investigators, criminals and indeed the city to life in startling detail. Among the cases described in these pages are one where the method of ‘photographic superimposition’ was used for the first time ever in India to identify a body; another, where a single word led the police to a ruthless killer’s hideout; and an extraordinary case of a kidnap and murder that was solved even though the body was never found.
Initially written in Bengali for the Kolkata Police Facebook page and website, these stories went viral and were shared widely when they appeared online for the first time. Here, they have been translated and compiled into a book that is as utterly gripping as it is fascinating.

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About the author

Supratim Sarkar

Supratim Sarkar, a 1997 batch officer of the Indian Police Service, is presently Additional Commissioner of Police, Kolkata. A voracious reader and an erstwhile journalist, his passions include cricket and ancient history. He is an alumnus of Presidency College, Kolkata. He lives in Kolkata with his wife and two children.

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