Intimacy Undone

Intimacy Undone

Malavika Rajkotia


Family, Law





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(Hardback | ISBN 9789386050564 | 432 pages | February 2017)


A leading expert in Indian family law and one of India’s most successful and respected divorce lawyers, Malavika Rajkotia has seen the drama of marriages coming undone at close quarters—the effects of infidelity, jealousy, domestic violence, property disputes and the end of love and compatibility. In this important and revealing book, she draws upon her own extensive experiences in court and with her clients, as well as on case law, to lay bare the mysteries of marriage, divorce and family law.

Intimacy Undone examines the institution of marriage in India, from its historical roots to its evolution towards the moral, social and legal position it holds today. This wide-ranging, perceptive book tackles subjects as diverse as the gender equations underpinning society, how current Indian property and family laws came into being, and the controversy about the Uniform Civil Code, deftly tying them all into a crucial argument about love, marriage and divorce. Along the way, Malavika Rajkotia also brings alive the drama of the divorce courts, critiques the foibles of the institutions involved, and, throughout, furthers the aim of family law to bring about a steadily more equal society.

An erudite and fascinating survey of family law and a wisely reflective account of our political and legal history, Intimacy Undone gives readers crucial insights into the future of family and marriage in India.


Click here to read an excerpt from the book.


‘This book has something for everyone—information for lawyers, advice for clients, empathetic perspectives for judges—and yet Malavika Rajkotia never compromises on providing an entertaining, witty read.’
—Kapil Sibal

'Here is a resourceful, indeed entertaining treatment of the twin issues of marriage and divorce in India. Malavika Rajkotia’s account is full of examples from mythology, family history and well-known cases. She offers insights into the questions of property and patriarchy, children and charlatans, relying on her extensive experience in family law. Read it for enjoyment but have it ready at hand in that hour of need. You will not regret it.’
—Lord Meghnad Desai

‘Leading divorce lawyer's new book sheds light on the loopholes in Indian law that's led to gross misuse of love, sex and dhoka’.

This book will delight students, teachers, judges, lawyers, researchers and law makers and reformers alike. The author inspires, exposes, delights and educates. The book is an eye-opener, a must read and re-read. What a great journey and experience with law and justice.’
—Deccan Chronicle

'This book mixes anecdotes and case law to tackle subjects such as the evolution of Indian property rights, the controversy about the Uniform Civil Code and the role of the courts in furthering gender equality in Indian society.’
—The Caravan

‘…her book is a plea to make it easier for Indians to get divorces — to allow individuals to correct past mistakes, to have a chance to pursue happiness and, perhaps counter-intuitively, to save the family itself.’
— Financial Times

'The book is a must read for people who want to understand the working of the courts in India. It says marriage and divorce are both important in life and divorcee is no longer a taboo in our society.'
—The New Indian Express

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About the author

Malavika Rajkotia

Malavika Rajkotia is a leading divorce lawyer in Delhi. She has worked with various NGOs on civil liberties and human rights issues. She has also been active in theatre and has been involved in about thirty Hindi and English productions. She anchored Shakti, the first television talk show in India which focused on women’s rights.

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