Half-Open Windows

Half-Open Windows

Ganesh Matkari

Translated By

Jerry Pinto




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(Paperback with flaps | ISBN 9789386338358 | 208 pages | April 2017)


 ‘On one side, the sea. On the other, the city. A city that seemed to believe that the Queen’s Necklace was enough past for it, a city sacrificing its beauty at the dirty altars of money.’

An acclaimed contemporary Marathi novel, Half-Open Windows (Khidkya Ardhya Ughadya) is a striking portrait of India’s urban upper middle class on an obsessive quest for riches and prestige. Set in the enticing yet treacherous city of Mumbai, it closely follows the lives of people connected to SNA Architects, an up-and-coming firm, basking in the glory of their recent success—a high-rise in the premium area of Colaba.

As events unfold, we encounter the corrupt and ruthless Niranjan, founder of SNA, and his associate, Nita, who think bribery is a small price to pay to get to the top; another founder of SNA, the honest but naïve Sanika, and Shushrut, an aspiring writer who is no longer content to play her stay-at-home partner; an NGO worker, Swarupa, torn between her loyalty to an old friend and her duty as a whistle-blower; a lonely widow, Joshi Kaku, who wonders if moving to the US to live with her son and his family—with whom she can forge no connections—is a wise idea; and Ramakant, a young student of architecture, who is contemplating suicide in a desperate bid for attention.

Even as this diverse cast of characters chases happiness and success, Mumbai emerges as the central character—the driving force behind their aspirations and dreams, and their ethical compromises.

Combining sharp observation with dry humour, Ganesh Matkari provides rich insights into the human psyche. His compelling prose and Jerry Pinto’s pitch-perfect translation make Half-Open Windows an unputdownable read.


Click here to read an excerpt from the book.


‘This is the first time in contemporary [Marathi] literature that today’s language, today’s lives, today’s lifestyle, today’s technology and today’s metropolis have been described with such precision and focus.’
Sahitya Suchi

‘An impressive portrayal of relationships in a new metropolis, the mindset which readily accepts corruption as unshakeable, and the loss of value systems.’
—Maharashtra Times

‘[Half-Open Windows] is an unprecedented chronicle of the inevitable change in standards of living brought about by rapid globalization, the new mentality imposed by the nouveau riche, and the lives of people who have been shifted from the middle class to a new category: the upper middle class.’

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About the author

Ganesh Matkari

Ganesh Matkari is an architect, film critic and film-maker. He is the author of the critically acclaimed novel, Khidkya Ardhya Ughdya (Half-Open Windows); a short-story collection, Installations; and three books of film criticism, Filmmakers, Cinematic and Choukatibahercha Cinema. He co-directed the national award winning Marathi Film, Investment, and directed a short film, SHOT, which premiered […]

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