Habber-Jabber-Law: A Nonsense Adventure

Habber-Jabber-Law: A Nonsense Adventure

Sukumar Ray

Translated By

Arunava Sinha







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(Paperback | ISBN 9789389958430 | 72 pp | 2020)


On a hot afternoon, a boy sitting in his garden suddenly finds himself transported into a land full of ridiculous creatures talking absurdly. There is the cat that was a hanky. The raven who is an accountant. The old men Uto and Booto who are as bald as eggs and claim to be thirteen years old. And then the sudden commotion about a defamation suit where a barn owl is the judge. Will the crocodile, the frog and the hedgehog ever be able to present their case? And what speech will the billy goat Wren and Baartin BA bleat in the end?

Sukumar Ray’s classic work of nonsense, Haw-Jaw-Baw-Raw-Law, has entertained children and adults for almost a century now. Guaranteed to send you into side-splitting laughter, this iconic piece of literature now appears in an exuberant translation for the modern reader, accompanied by the author’s original illustrations.

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About the author

Sukumar Ray

Sukumar Ray was a poet, short-story writer and playwright who wrote in Bengali mainly for children. His works such as the collection of nonsense poems Abol Tabol, novella Hojoborolo, short-story collection Pagla Dashu and play Chalachittachanchari are considered some of the finest writing for children in the world.

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