Gulgul in Parapara

Gulgul in Parapara

Ashok Rajagopalan







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( Paperback | 978-93-89958-98-0 | 120 pages | 2020)


Dinny, Gulgul’s cousin, loves collecting bird feathers. When Gulgul visits Dinny, her Aunt Jinny decides to take them to the planet P4R4P4R4 (Parapara) to find some rare keypock feathers. But wherever Gulgul goes, there is sure to be a super exciting adventure!

Parapara is a collection of many small planets and moons on which live birds of all shapes and sizes. When they land on Greenpara, they meet the bird Win King, and her three children Coo King, Thin King and Blin King who tell them where to find keypocks. But on the way, they are kidnapped by giant parrots as big as horses.

Will they be able to escape? Who will come to their rescue? Will Jinny, Dinny and Gulgul find a way to get back home with their feathers intact?

Ashok Rajagopalan, creator of the bestselling Gajapati Kulapati books, brings his trademark wacky humour to a new series filled with adventure, friendship and fun. Filled with funny birds and an even funnier aunt, the third book in The Adventures of Gulgul series will have you tweeting and squawking and hooting with laughter!

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Ashok Rajagopalan

Ashok Rajagopalan’s main aim in life is to make people, especially little people, laugh. He has been doing this since 1989, by writing and illustrating picture books, chapter books, comics and magazine pages. He lives in a quiet part of Chennai with his family and books.

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