Gulgul in Jungalu

Gulgul in Jungalu

Ashok Rajagopalan







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( Paperback | 978-93-89958-96-6 | 120 pages | 2020)


Gulgul is a little girl who lives on the planet GR33N with her parents Jit and Megha. On their way back from a fun day on the planet H4H4H0, their space-car crashes into an unknown lake! They have landed on Jungalu. Here they are rescued by the strange elephant-like Patches and given yummy fruit and grass to eat. But how will they repair their car and return to their own planet? Only Jungalu’s Wise Leader, Mahali, the giant mouse, can help them.

Will Megha be able to build her zingjuck that will shoot them back into space? Will the weird and caring animals of Jungalu—the longfellows, bluglugs, flippots and others help them?

Find out in the first adventure story about the clever and naughty girl Gulgul. Ashok Rajagopalan, creator of the bestselling Gajapati Kulapati books, brings his trademark wacky humour to a new series filled with adventure, friendship and fun.

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About the author

Ashok Rajagopalan

Ashok Rajagopalan’s main aim in life is to make people, especially little people, laugh. He has been doing this since 1989, by writing and illustrating picture books, chapter books, comics and magazine pages. He lives in a quiet part of Chennai with his family and books.

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