Gardens of Love

Gardens of Love

Meera Godbole-Krishnamurthy




Paperback with flaps


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$5.31000 $3.98000

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(Paperback with b/w illustrations | ISBN 9789387164604 | 176 pp | February 2018)


This charming set of illustrated stories takes you on a guided tour through the historic tombs of the Lodhi Garden in New Delhi, the magnificent ruins of the Forum Romanum in Rome, the deliberately designed natural landscape of Central Park in New York, and the topiary oddities of the Hanging Gardens in Mumbai. This unusual itinerary takes the characters on a journey of self-discovery which unfolds through conversations that gradually reveal the drama of their personal lives, of a marriage made and unmade, and made again. Their walks through vast swathes of history are complemented by exquisite pen and ink drawings.

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Meera Godbole-Krishnamurthy

Meera Godbole-Krishnamurthy is the author of Balancing Act, a novel that draws unexpected parallels between the practices of architecture and motherhood. She studied art and architecture at Oberlin College and Columbia University, and received a Masters of Architecture from the University of Virginia in 1992. She currently lives in Mumbai and is Editor-in-Chief of Saffronart. […]

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