Exiles Of The New Frontier

Exiles Of The New Frontier

Ashwin Parulkar




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Containing over 100 life histories of men and women from across India living on the streets of Delhi, this monumental book examines why and how people become homeless, how they survive on the streets, and how a few of them manage to exit the state of homelessness but always live in fear of falling through the cracks again. Ashwin Parulkar, who worked for almost a decade among the homeless, is as extraordinary a storyteller as he is a scholar, and this book will be one of the best works of non-fiction from and about India in recent years.

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About the author

Ashwin Parulkar

Ashwin Parulkar is a Senior Researcher at Centre for Policy Research in New Delhi. He was previously with Centre for Equity Studies. Ashwin wrote the first part of the book, ‘Born Busy Dying’ as a study on government responses to the starvation deaths that had occurred in Central and Eastern India between 2005 and 2010. […]

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