ASAP Science

ASAP Science

Mitchell Moffit and Greg Brown


Non-fiction, Popular Science


Paperback with flaps



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(Paperback with flaps | ISBN 9789385288692 | 256 pages | December 2015)


From the creators of the wildly popular YouTube channel AsapSCIENCE comes a book about the science that people actually want to learn, presented in a quirky and accessible way. And in the spirit of science, no subject is taboo.

Why do we get hungover? Which actually came first, the chicken or the egg? Is binge-watching TV bad for you? Now, for the first time, Mitchell Moffit and Greg Brown, the geniuses behind AsapSCIENCE and AsapTHOUGHT, answer these questions by explaining the true science of how things work in this fascinating and hilarious book.

Applying the fun, illustrated format of their addictive videos to topics ranging from brain freeze to hiccups to the science of the snooze button, Asap Science is the book that answers the questions you were too afraid to ask in science class. Whether you’re a total science newbie or the next Albert Einstein, this guide is sure to educate and entertain …ASAP.


‘Be educated and entertained by this quirky book, which unites baffling questions and their surprising answers.’—The Observer

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About the author

Mitchell Moffit and Greg Brown

Mitchell Moffit and Greg Brown are the creators of the award-winning YouTube channel AsapSCIENCE. They graduated from the University of Guelph in Ontario in 2012.

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