A Patchwork Family

A Patchwork Family

Mukta Sathe


Fiction, Literary





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(Paperback | ISBN 9789388070232 | 200 pp | Dec 2018)


Young and idealistic, Janaki is eager to serve the cause of justice as a lawyer. Her only confidant is Ajoba, an elderly friend of her grandfather’s, who supported her throughout her childhood. They are unrelated by blood or marriage ties, but they have both lost their own families. So together, they struggle to create a family, patched together perhaps, but stronger for it.

As this gripping novel unfolds, the two characters in turn tell the traumatic story of how they came together: how Janaki being the eyewitness to a gruesome crime led to years of court cases and police investigations; the toll it took on the members of her immediate family; the ways in which Ajoba and Janaki each overcome their immediate prejudices to connect with each other; and the impact of the judicial system’s vagaries on each of their worldviews. Written in spare, unadorned and confident prose, A Patchwork Family is a debut novel of unusual wisdom and maturity.


‘In Mukta Sathe we have a new voice that displays a deep understanding of both the old and the young, of their complex relationships, and of how crime and punishment play out under our flawed judicial system. A Patchwork Family is a novel that I found difficult to put down.’ —Shanta Gokhale, author, columnist and translator

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About the author

Mukta Sathe

Mukta Sathe is a young lawyer who has worked in Mumbai and Pune. She has written several articles for law journals. This is her first novel. She is interested in travel, constitutional law, literature and sports, and is also a cat lover. She lives in her hometown, Pune.

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