February 6, 2021

‘Seven sparkling, side-splitting yarns about the financial shenanigans, pettiness and pitfalls of India’s giant music industry.’ —Telegraph
What happens when a cunning PR brain brings together star singers from India and Pakistan in a concert for peace? Or when a Hindustani vocalist, long denied a foreign tour, flies from Pune to Philadelphia?

How does it all end when a harmonium player desirous of a Padma Shri award comes to a mighty ustad for a recommendation? Or when a Bollywood director phones a classical singer, offering to make her a sensation?
And is it really a good idea for an old-world recording company to reinvent itself for the twenty-first century, or a bhajan-singer to compose songs for Hollywood?

In her debut work of fiction, one of India’s finest and most original musicians gives us some startling, supremely entertaining answers.

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