Beyond the Village Pond: Reflections on the Culture of Punjab

September 28, 2015

For centuries, Punjab has been famed for the robust, life-affirming spirit of its people—their industriousness, fortitude, vitality and joie de vivre. It is a spirit and an attitude that informs everyday life in Punjab today—despite all its challenges—as it did in the past.

In Beyond the Village Pond, Shivdev Singh draws upon memories of his childhood and early youth to paint an affectionate and idyllic picture of life in Punjab, especially rural Punjab. In lyrical prose he shows us villages where dawn breaks to the song of a farmer walking to his fields, and dusk falls softly to the sound of cattle coming home for the night; where elderly friends spend long hours reminiscing in the winter sun, and young lovers spar playfully in springtime fairs.

Beautifully illustrated, and containing sparkling translations of Punjabi folk songs, this charming book is a nostalgic tribute to all that is worth cherishing in the timeless heritage of the Land of Five Rivers.

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