The Very Best of Sherlock Holmes

December 13, 2017

Arthur Conan Doyle’s immortal creation Holmes sets forth to solve some of the most intriguing cases of his career in this collection of six stories.What was the mysterious ‘speckled band’ that a woman referred to with her dying breath? What do the dancing men signify and why do they bring death in their wake? Is there really a league of red-headed men, or is it a conspiracy so audacious that only Holmes can sense it? Will Sherlock Holmes meet his end at the hands of the evil Professor Moriarty at the Reichenbach Falls?

The mysteries of Sherlock Holmes have held readers spellbound ever since they were first published. In 1927, the stories in this volume were chosen by the author himself as some of the best he had written. Introduced here by Ruskin Bond, The Very Best of Sherlock Holmes presents the great detective in all his brilliant glory for a new generation of readers.

The Case of Lady Sannox

September 1, 2016

‘Excision of the wound, then?’

‘That is it. If it be on the finger, take the finger off. So said my father always. But think of where this wound is, and that it is my wife. It is dreadful!’…

‘It appears to be that or nothing,’ said [the doctor] brusquely. ‘It is better to lose a lip than a life.’

Best known for his immortal detective Sherlock Holmes, Arthur Conan Doyle also wrote many stories set in the world of medicine as well as engrossing tales of adventure. Set in plush London and on the wild moors and fells of rural England, these stories are peopled with a host of compelling characters: lunatics and loners; obsessed lovers; beautiful, mysterious women; and, of course, men of medicine.

In this collection, a surgeon is called out to draw poison from a wound inflicted by a mysterious dagger; a student at Oxford is pursued by an Egyptian mummy come to life; the surgeon of Hoyland finds himself threatened when a woman doctor sets up practice next door; and a scholar seeking solitude on the desolate coast of the Mansie Bay in Scotland finds his peace shattered when a shipwreck brings a beautiful young Russian girl to his doorstep.
Racy, engaging, thoughtful stories which have stood the test of time, The Case of Lady Sannox will appeal to all readers of fiction.

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