The White Umbrella_Front Cover

February 6, 2021

‘Mr B, a wiry little man of fifty with white hair, was sitting in the back of a big white
Land Rover when he saw the donkey. It was early evening and the dense rush-hour traffic
in Peshawar was moving at a snail’s pace—which was just as well, for Mr B suddenly
opened the door, leaped down onto the road and, without a word, sprinted away between
the carts and lorries, the buses and the motorcycles…’
An eccentric Englishman filming in Pakistan rescues a young donkey struggling
with a heavy load on her back and wounded by the effort.Determined to
protect his new pet (whom he names Pavlova after the famous ballerina with
equally long legs), he decides to take her home with him—by road.
The White Umbrella tells the enchanting story of their odd and eventful journey
together from Peshawar to London in the company of poets, smugglers,
monks, book collectors and carpet sellers. Beautifully illustrated by the
celebrated cartoonist Sally Ann Lasson, it is an allegorical tale about taking
personal responsibility for our world and the importance of compassion
and empathy. It is the perfect book for young and old alike—a classic in the
making to keep and to cherish.

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