December 4, 2020

Shaheen Bagh and the Idea of India The writers of the essays collected in [Shaheen Bagh and the Idea of India] are leading journalists, lawyers, activists, and academics who were keen observers and sometimes participants in the movement. With each focussing on a different facet of the protest at Shaheen Bagh, such as its inspired counterpart sit-in protests in other parts of the country, the constitutionality of the NRC-CAA, the subsequent riots in Delhi, the state response to protests and riots, and possible ways forward, the book provides us with a vital document to work through the immense moment with a critical lens and to take stock.
That most essays are by women, and many by Muslim participant observers is also a key asset of the volume. This was a secular democratic movement led by Muslim women since the CAA-NRC(-NPR) combine affects the citizenship of Indian Muslims most strongly … The volume thus records the complaints and hopes of the community most affected by these rulings of the Indian state in their own voices. It also further shows that Indian Muslim women (and men) not only have the resolve to take to the street to fight (peacefully) for their rights but are also more than equipped to take up the fight discursively. These voices are joined by those of senior human rights activist and intellectuals such as Harsh Mander, Apoorvanand, Nandita Haksar, and Nayantara Sehgal.
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