November 20, 2020

Salma is someone who regards a woman’s body to be of great value, one that can be used to make political statements. She shares that she has always held women who made use of their bodies to script success in their lives – from actors to gymnasts and athletes – in awe. “It has to do with how they change their bodies, against the conservative notions held in society. They achieve many things using their body. There’s value to that which is considered to be vulgar by the society,” she adds …
…Over and over again we are reminded of society’s role in scripting these women’s fate. For Salma, it was this very reason that pushed her into writing. “There is this, sort of, a yearning. Why am I not like the other women… Why was I denied a college life…Such things made me realise how unequal this society is and consequentially, how it had caused a lot of pain. My stories are on this,” Salma says.
Women of many shades: Salma speaks on her new book ‘The Curse: Stories’ to Anjana Shekar of The News Minute

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