June 19, 2017

‘I chose to name my story “The Adivasi Will Not Dance” as an act of defiance. Adivasis are made to dance at government functions, are made to entertain VIP guests, but what do they get in return? Adivasis are among the major casualties of all the development programmes of the government, be it roads, dams, power plants, or any factory or industry for that matter. So what might happen if Adivasis refuse to dance at a government programme, which has been organised to lay the foundation stone of a thermal power plant which would, again, displace several Adivasis from their villages? So, once I had this idea, I turned it into a story, and since my editor and I had this feeling that this was the strongest story in the collection, we decided to name the collection The Adivasi Will Not Dance. .’ Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar’s interview with Preeti Singh, The Sunday Guardian.

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