The Patiala Quartet

The Patiala Quartet




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    Punjab in the early 1980s. The atmosphere is charged with calls for Khalistan and there is terror and violence on the streets. The ripples reach even the quiet town of Patiala, triggering unexpected changes in the lives of siblings Monty and Minnie, and their cousins Karuna and Michael, who must all find ways of dealing with the new world. Monty retreats into silence and Michael seeks escape in motorbike rides, but the women take life head on. Demure Karuna rejects marriage, causing scandal; and Minnie let’s everyone know that she won’t be a good girl, that she will write her own destiny.

    In The Patiala Quartet Neel Kamal Puri crafts a sensitive story about growing up—about losing all hope, and finding happiness; holding on, and letting go; going under, and breaking free.