The Last Email

The Last Email

fiction, Mridula Garg




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    (Paperback with flaps | ISBN 9789386338938 | 232 pages | 2017, book)


    Almost forty years after the end of their passionate affair in New Delhi of the late 1970s, Kevin, a vicar devoted to the political struggle for Scottish independence, and Maya, a reputed author of Hindi literary works, re-establish contact—this time over email. As they slowly re-weave the delicate tapestry of their connection with each missive, they share the stories of their histories, interests, desires and despairs with each other. Ultimately, Kevin and Maya must realize, each on their own, whether the strength of their remembered passion can match the four decades of quotidian life they have both since accrued.

    Written with grace and sensitivity, The Last Email is a moving account of two lives lived with passionate intensity, and steeped equally in love and in memory.