Woman of the Hour

Jane Lythell



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(Paperback | ISBN 9781784971212 | 352 pages | 2018)


Meet Liz Lyon: respected TV producer, stressed-out executive, guilty single mother.

StoryWorld is the nation’s favourite morning show, and producer Liz Lyon wants to keep it that way. Her job is to turn real-life stories into thrilling TV—and keep a lid on the scandals and backbiting that happen off-stage.

But then simmering tensions erupt at the station, trapping Liz in a game of oneupmanship where she doesn’t know the rules. As the power struggle intensifies, can
Liz keep her cool and keep her job? Does she even want to?

In this gripping novel of power, rivalry and betrayal, Jane Lythell draws on her experiences of working in the glamorous, pressurized world of live TV.


‘The characters were wonderfully colourful—some with huge egos and some who you love to hate! As the story progressed I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to find out what secrets and lies some of the characters were keeping.’—Claire Douglas author of Local Girl Missing