Death’s Mistress

Terry Goodkind



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    (Paperback | ISBN 9781786691651 | 512 pages)


    A new epic, set in the world ruled by Richard Rahl, bearer of the Sword of Truth, following the one-time Sister of the Dark, Nicci.

    Sister of the Light, Sister of the Dark.

    The Slave Queen, Death’s Mistress.

    Nicci has gone by many names and faced many challenges.

    But that’s in the past.

    Now, on the far horizons of a world forged anew, she must heed the witch woman’s words:

    ‘and the sorceress must save the world’.

    As Nicci journies into uncharted lands, she’ll face her greatest test yet. She’s saved the world before, but she’s never had to do it on her own..