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    (Paperback | ISBN 9781784977870 | 416 pages | 2018)


    Barely half of the Bomber Command’s aircrews survive a full tour, but wireless operator Billy Angell has beaten the odds and completed his thirtieth—and final—mission. Now, Billy is due two-weeks’ leave, a posting to a training squadron and a six-month exemption from active duty.

    Except that MI5 need an airman to drop into Nazi-occupied France.

    MI5 are interested in Hélène Lafosse, a Frenchwoman keeping unusual company in her small family château in the depths of the Touraine. Hélène has begun an affair with a senior Abwehr intelligence officer, who, in return, has turned a blind eye to the succession of Jews, refugees, resistance fighters and downed Allied airmen to whom she offers shelter. MI5 believe they can exploit this relationship and plant a false lead about the anticipated allied invasion of northern France.