Toward Cross-Channel Management

Brunner, Felix; Rudolph, Thomas




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(Hardback | ISBN 9783110416985 | 70 pages)


New digital devices enable consumers to ubiquitously access the Internet and inspire them to switch between online and offline channels when shopping &#8211 a phenomenon extant research on consumer behavior terms cross-channel shopping. This considerable change in consumer behavior offers great potential for retailers worldwide to strengthen their competitiveness. Today, retail incumbents aspire to integrate their channels to offer compelling switching opportunities among all online and offline channels &#8211 an approach we coin cross-channel management. However, addressing cross-channel shoppers may entail a rise in business model complexity which can only be tackled by installing a firm-wide strategic change process. Set against this transformative background, this book offers insight into how firms can overcome said inertia and successfully transform their current channel specific business model to a much more integrated system of online and offline channels. With the help of 71 interviews with top and middle managers in retailing, this book derives a variety of recommendations in the field of cross-channel management for retailers and manufacturers.