Space Technology

Kowalski, Matthias B. / MÙtsch, Thomas F.




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(Paperback | ISBN 9783110413212 | 214 pages)


This textbook is a compendium for further education of students and professionals in aerospace industry. It covers the fundamentals of aerospace and explains the details of technical implementations. These are organised in the border area of technical feasibility. The authors discuss constraints of space flight and key elements of rocket motors and power supply in more detail. The accessibility of the celestial bodies is tabulated and documented in the outlook chapter, in which the largest vision of space flight, humans to Mars, is explained. From the content:Historical BackgroundBasic PrinciplesPropulsion SystemsMissionsEnergy SourcesMaterials and LubricantsProcessesProductsProjects and PayloadsLaunch SitesEnvironmental and Boundary ConditionsConclusions and OutlookAppendix with an extensive collection of formulas