Dealing with Electronics

Drosg, Manfred; Steurer, Michael Morten




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(Paperback | ISBN 9783110338409 | 398 pages)


The extensive use of little known electronic principles provides something like the Science of Electronics supplementing the Art of Electronics without involvement of too much theory. Whereas art can only be acquired by doing, the knowledge provided by science can be acquired from books. The ready availability of integrated circuits for practically any application reduces the art of electronics to the art of interfacing these integrated components. The practical knowledge required for that art can only be acquired by doing and not by reading. However, it takes a lot of knowledge to select the best integrated component for achieving a specific goal. Such knowledge is provided in this book. By using a holistic approach in the understanding of the various circuits and by taking ample advantage of the duality between the electrical quantities voltage and current, the understanding of the properties of electronic circuits is made easier. Besides, this approach reduces the amount of mathematics needed for a deeper understanding. Thus, this book is appropriate for scholars at the advanced undergraduate level. In particular, the important aspects of positive and negative feedback in circuits are presented in a compact way by introducing the reverse closed-loop-gain. It is quite clear that a single book cannot cover all aspects of both analog and digital electronics, the latter comprising all circuits needed for data manipulation in digital computers&#8211 which is a field in itself.