Asian Flavours

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Schittich, Christian




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(Hardback | ISBN 9783955532673 | 144 pages)


Ceremonies, rituals und traditions &#8211 as well as the fascinating combinations of flavours and unusual ingredients, the culinary customs of Asian countries also arouse great interest in Western cultures. But how are spaces for Asian eating and cooking traditions and processes designed? What kind of surroundings are these kinds of food and drinks consumed in? This book presents the projects of Asian and European architects on both continents, ranging from tea houses and sake bars through to entire restaurants. How are architects adapting and interpreting this cuisine in éour‚ latitudes? How do they respond to the conditions and cultures in these spaces without simply simulating an éAsian decor‚? Enhanced with selected recipes from individual restaurants and essays on various Asian cuisines and culinary cultures, the book is also a travel guide to Europe`s many special Asiatic spaces.