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Sukanya Rahman’s new book, Dancing in the Family, is an inter-generational memoir about the dancing careers of her mother and grandmother, and her own education in classical dance.’
The Sunday Guardian carries an excerpt from Dancing in the Family by Sukanya Rahman.

‘Apart from going public on social media, the other striking feature of this mission was that it allowed the country to see women scientists upfront for the first time, dispelling long-held stereotypes of the fuzzy-haired Einsteinian male scientist. “You know, we know Mars is for men. Now we have proved that Mars is not only for men,” Arunan jokes.’
Scroll carries an excerpt from Those Magnificent Women And Their Flying Machines: ISRO’s Mission on Mars by Minnie Vaid.

From 1684 till the present, the Indian diaspora in South Africa has had a long history. But in the country of their origin, they remain synonymous with three points of identity: indenture, apartheid and Mahatma Gandhi. Through What Gandhi Didn’t See: Being Indian in South Africa, Zainab Priya Dala deftly lifts the veil on some of the many other facets of South African Indians, starting with the question: How relevant is Gandhi to them today?’ Indian Writers Forum carries an excerpt from What Gandhi Didn’t See: Being Indian in South Africa by Zainab Priya Dala.


The book on Leaders and Icons from Jinnah to Modi published posthumously is a collection of short essays interspersed with anecdote on various personalities on various personalities who have shaped the Indian subcontinent’s destiny. Kuldip Nayar is, without doubt one of the guiding lights of Indian journalism. Nayar authored fifteen books, including Beyond the Lines: An Autobiography. Book review On Leaders and Icons from Jinnah to Modi

The short chapters are not filled with self-pity but speak about things Ananya felt and observed. Her language is simple and lets you feel the myraid emotions that come with the battle. It is her humour and matter-of-fact voice that makes you look at cancer patients and survivors in a different way. Ananya may have lost her life, but she lives in this book. Book review Tales from the Tail End: My Cancer Dairy

Through the stories of Purnima, Khalida, Ribini and 13 others in her book She Goes To War, author Rashmi Saksena attempts to fathom what goes into the making of a woman militant. Book review of She Goes to War: Women Militants of India.

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